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Time to buy? The scoop on Zoom.

Early Bird Prime for May 5, 2024

Everyone likes to dunk on Zoom. The pandemic darling rose to prominence in 2020 and then crashed back down to Earth. 

Zoom’s technology allowed employees to work from home during the pandemic. But now a new normal has settled in with more companies returning to the office and leaving virtual work behind.

Since its stock price peaked in October 2020, Zoom is down nearly 89%. 

The stock dropped another 10% this year to $61 - and that’s after the company reported good results in February. It's like Zoom can't catch a break. It's starting to feel like the stock market isn’t into Zoom.

But, hold on a second, because experts increasingly like the stock. Rosenblatt Securities Analyst Catharine Trebnick upgraded the stock in April to Buy from Neutral and raised the price target to $75. Trebnick likes the balance sheet and free cash flow as well as the company’s new partnerships and AI products.

Given this insightful upgrade, is it time to buy Zoom? Will it rise from the ashes in 2024 like a phoenix or continue to stumble? Well, here’s the answer: 

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