About Early Bird

Hello Early Birds,

What a time to be alive as a retail investor! There are now more opportunities than ever for retail investors to get involved in the stock market, cryptocurrency, or any type of alternative investment in the private market.

Over 20 million new retail investors have joined the market since 2020, but information to educate new investors about timely market trends is either expensive, too complicated to understand, or missing key information about both the public markets and private investment opportunities. And to track all of these public and private market trends each day is incredibly time-consuming.

That’s where Early Bird comes in.

Who is Early Bird?

My name is Steven Lerner and I am the creator of Early Bird.

That’s me - Steven Lerner

I’ve been writing about financial topics since 2017, including stock earnings, initial public offerings, startup funding, and business trends. In my career, I’ve also interviewed CEOs of public and private companies. Feel free to read my past articles on Capital Watch, PhocusWire, and The Business of Business, as well as check out my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time, I’ve invested in both the public and private markets. I know firsthand the struggles of painstakingly spending hours each day rummaging online to find the investing information that I need.

With that experience in mind, I’ve launched Early Bird.

What is Early Bird?

Early Bird is a free daily email newsletter sent to your email box each weekday morning featuring commentary about the latest trends in:

  • Stocks

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Equity Crowdfunding

This newsletter is easy to read and designed to help individual investors stay on top of important investing trends in three minutes or less.

By subscribing to Early Bird, you’ll save time and gain knowledge about how to beat the market more often. It is perfect for retail investors.

Am I a retail investor?

If you are insanely rich and a professional investor, then you are an institutional investor. If you are not, congratulations, you are a retail investor.

And if you are a new retail investor, then you MUST join Early Bird.

How to Join Early Bird

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Subscribe to Early Bird’s free daily email newsletter. And if you are also looking for more in-depth discussions about investing trends, subscribe to Early Bird’s weekly podcast.

Thank you for joining the flock and may your investments take flight.


Steven Lerner

P.S. Feel free to reach out to me at any time through email at [email protected] with your comments, questions, and suggestions.