Portugal’s Cryptocurrency Tax?

Today is Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

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Portugal’s Cryptocurrency Tax?

Portugal wants to tax capital gains on cryptocurrency, according to a budget draft proposal on Monday.

Details: The plan calls for a 28% capital gains tax on crypto assets held for less than one year. Cryptos held for more than one year would not be subject to the new tax.

Background: Crypto transactions in Portugal remain untaxed unless they are for professional and business reasons. There have been talks about initiating a crypto tax in Portugal for some time.

Big Picture: Taxes on crypto vary throughout the world. Belgium taxes 33% on crypto transactions, whereas countries such as Switzerland and El Salvador generally do not impose a tax on crypto. There are also taxes on crypto transactions in the United States. Portugal is considered to be one of the most crypto-friendly countries. A capital gains tax would change that perception.

Numbers: The prices of most cryptos sunk on Monday, partly because of the news from Portugal.

Final Thoughts: While the proposal is only a draft and it may not pass, it’s another reminder that crypto investors should watch out for new rules and regulations in the future.


Notable Earnings Today: AZZ (NYSE: AZZ), E2open (NYSE: ETWO), Applied Blockchain (Nasdaq: APLD), Pinnacle Financial Partners (Nasdaq: PNFP).

Notable IPOs Today: N/A.

Notable Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns Ending Today: Lightsense Technology (StartEngine).

Notable Economic Events Today: N/A.

What to Make of Bond Yields in 2022?

Photo by Choong Deng Xiang / Unsplash

With stocks and cryptos plummeting in 2022, should investors look more carefully at bonds?

Background: Since the late 2000s, we’ve been in a period of historically low-interest rates. As interest rates rise, there’s a bit of price sensitivity involved with bonds.

Protection: The benefit of investing in bonds is that it is usually lower risk than stocks. However, the yield is usually lower.

Current State: Recent economic events, such as the rate hikes from the Federal Reserve and U.S. job data, have caused bond yields to rise.

Final Thoughts: Not all bonds are the same. Just like stocks, some bonds react differently than others when there is economic news. That said, experts say that some bonds are good for an investment portfolio.

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