Best Airline Stocks to Buy Now

Top airline stock picks, plus ones to avoid.

Early Bird Prime for May 26, 2024

In 2024, the performance of airline stocks has been a mixed bag, with some carriers soaring while others struggle to navigate turbulent financial skies.

Some airlines are cutting back routes due to Boeing (NYSE: BA) plane delays; others have paused their pilot hiring processes.

Despite the fewer planes and pilots, airlines are bracing for a record-setting summer travel season because travel demand is strong. According to a Deloitte survey in May, marquee trip budgets across income groups this summer are up by nearly 10%. So, while airlines might be short on staff and aircraft, they’re certainly not on passengers ready to splurge on that dream vacation.

The U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS), which tracks the air travel industry, is up 8.16% this year. Even as some planes are grounded, the airline industry is flying high in the stock market.

But before you start throwing your money at any airline stock with a catchy ticker symbol, hold your horses—or should we say, hold your boarding passes?

Not all airline stocks are created equal. Some are like the luxurious first-class seats with champagne and caviar, while others are more like the middle seat in the last row next to the bathroom.

So, which airline stocks should you invest in, and which should you avoid? It's a tough call, but here’s the answer:

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