Core-Satellite Investing Tips
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Core-Satellite Investing Tips

Plus, IPO investing trends.

Steven Lerner
Steven Lerner

Today is Monday, March 14, 2022.

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Core-Satellite Investing Tips

Core-satellite investing allows someone to passively invest while also adding some active positions, according to blogger and investing expert Theresa Bedford in a new episode of the Early Bird podcast.

The Core: While core-satellite investing allows investors to beat the market without timing the market, it does increase risk and requires research on your part, according to Bedford.

Above: Bedford says that dollar-cost averaging, another investing strategy, involves investing a fixed amount of money over time in the same funds and stocks.

Pros and Cons: The advantage with dollar-cost averaging is that investors won’t miss out on gains, Bedford says, but it could result in an investor buying a stock when the price is high.

Final Thoughts: What investing advice does Bedford offer in 2022? Find out by listening to a new episode of the Early Bird podcast.


Notable Earnings Today: Coupa Software (Nasdaq: COUP), D Local (Nasdaq: DLO), Whole Earth Brands (Nasdaq: FREE), Vail Resorts (NYSE: MTN), AVEO Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: AVEO), Calavo Growers (CVGW), CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust (NYSE: CORR), Adaptimmune Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ADAP), Gitlab (Nasdaq: GTLB), Super League Gaming (Nasdaq: SLGG), Westport Fuel Systems (Nasdaq: WPRT), Crawford (NYSE: CRD.A), Digital Media Solutions (NYSE: DMS), Helius Medical Technologies (Nasdaq: HSDT), ONE Group Hospitality (Nasdaq: STKS).

Notable IPOs Today: KnightSwan Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: KNSW), DUET Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock (NASDAQ: DUET), HCM Acquisition Corp Class A Ordinary Shares (Nasdaq: HCMA), Esports Entertainment Group Inc. Warrant (Nasdaq: GMBLZ), POET Technologies Inc. Common Shares (Nasdaq: POET).

Notable Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns Ending Today: MEXI Craft Tequila Seltzer (StartEngine), Dental Dash by Woobie (Wefunder), Everybody Water (StartEngine).

Notable Economic Events Today: N/A. Buys Logistics Company

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In an effort to grow its logistics business, (Nasdaq: JD) announced Sunday that it is acquiring Deppon Logistics (SHA: 603056).

Details: The acquisition, made through’s logistics arm, will cost $9 billion yuan, which is worth over $1.4 billion.

Background: It’s been a rough time for the Chinese e-commerce company. Fears of potential delisting and other economic concerns have caused the stock of to fall 38% in the past six months.

Numbers: Meanwhile, shares of Deppon (which trades in Shanghai) are up 31% in the past few weeks.

Final Thoughts: reported negative financial earnings last week, as revenue growth slowed and expenses went up.

Where does the initial public offering market stand at this point in 2022?

Last Quarter: The fourth quarter of 2021 was record-breaking in terms of volume and total proceeds, according to a report from EY.

Sectors: Some of the most prolific IPO sectors to watch now include technology, health care, and industrials.

ROI: Since December, most of the stocks that had their IPOs have produced a negative return so far.

Final Thoughts: If these trends continue, it could be a bad year for IPOs.

Falling: Oil prices fall, continuing downward trend from last week (Reuters / Yahoo! Finance)

Once Again: Pfizer CEO says another Covid booster will be needed (Politico)

Proposed Rule: Bitcoin-Banning Measure Seen Too Close to Call in Tomorrow's EU Parliament Vote (CoinDesk)

Extra Mile: Uber adds fuel surcharge, citing high gas prices (NBC News)

No Fly Zone: South African airline Comair's fleet grounded indefinitely (Reuters)

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